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We create comprehensive solutions for the complex energy supply challenges in remote and austere environments.

Thermal Energy Storage System: Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency in Military Operations. The Modern Battlefield Demands Innovative Solutions.

In the energy sector, efficiency and sustainability are keys to success. And this can pose a logistical challenge for modern armed forces.

Logistics efficiency is fundamental to the success of military operations in remote bases. Simplifying the transport of power generation and habitability systems plays a key role in this area for the following reasons:

  • Reduced Costs: Minimizing the size, weight, and complexity of transportation significantly reduces operating costs.

  • Increased Deployment Speed: Logistics simplicity enables faster deployment of the base and its habitation system.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: A simplified transport system facilitates adaptation to different terrains and climatic conditions.

  • Safety and Reliability: A robust and easy-to-transport system minimizes the risk of damage during transport.

ACSZeroMil stands as a model of innovation in the field of military infrastructure, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges of energy supply and habitability capabilities in remote and austere environments.

Strategic benefits


A single ACSZeroMil unit can produce up to 50,000 liters of hot water per day, easily meeting the needs of a battalion.

This abundance of hot water can be channeled for various purposes: heating circuits, domestic hot water, or other combined uses, reinforcing flexibility. It improves the three basic levels of operations: tactical, operational, and strategic.

Key Advantages of ACSZeroMil:

  • Dramatically Reduced Fuel Consumption: ACSZeroMil can slash fuel consumption by 60% to 100%, minimizing reliance on diesel fuel. This optimization streamlines logistics by reducing storage requirements and freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

  • Diminished Thermal Signature: ACSZeroMil reduced thermal signature makes it more difficult for adversaries to detect, enhancing operational security and the element of surprise.

  • Reduced Emissions: ACSZeroMil eco-friendly design contributes to environmental protection and the sustainability of military operations.

  • Lowered Logistics Costs: Significant savings are achieved in fuel transportation and storage expenses.

  • Enhanced Autonomy: ACSZeroMil enables longer and more independent operations in remote areas.

  • Tailored Benefits for Military Operations: ACSZeroMil offers a range of specific advantages tailored to the unique needs of military operations.

  • Remote Bases: ACSZeroMil provides a reliable and sustainable energy supply for remote bases, ensuring consistent heating, cooling, and power for critical operations, even in challenging environments.

  • Field Hospitals: ACSZeroMil enables the establishment of field hospitals with a controlled climate, ensuring optimal conditions for medical care and patient well-being, even in austere locations.

  • Surveillance Missions: ACSZeroMil reduced logistical footprint and enhanced autonomy make it ideal for surveillance missions, allowing for extended deployments and reduced reliance on external support infrastructure.

Essential Tool for Modern Armed Forces: ACSZeroMil innovative thermal energy storage system revolutionizes energy management for military operations, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges of energy supply and habitability in remote and austere environments.


System Versatility

  • Multi-Energy Source Utilization: ACSZeroMil’s versatility allows it to capture excess energy from diesel generators and seamlessly integrate with solar power or other renewable energy sources, maximizing energy utilization and reducing reliance on traditional fuels.
  • Enhanced Operational Flexibility: ACSZeroMil’s adaptable design enables it to adjust to diverse operational needs and conditions, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply regardless of the mission or environment.
  • Maximized Energy Efficiency: ACSZeroMil’s intelligent energy management system optimizes energy utilization, regardless of the source, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of every joule generated.
  • Promoted Sustainability: ACSZeroMil’s ability to integrate with renewable energy sources and reduce reliance on fossil fuels significantly contributes to environmental sustainability, aligning with modern military’s commitment to eco-friendly operations.

Application examples

  • Diesel Generators: ACSZeroMil’s ability to capture excess energy from diesel generators demonstrates its versatility in utilizing existing power sources. This captured energy is then stored for later use, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing reliance on continuous generator operation.
  • Solar Energy: ACSZeroMil can directly harness solar energy to heat the storage fluid, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source. This integration with solar power aligns with the growing adoption of renewable energy solutions within the military.
  • Other Energy Sources: ACSZeroMil’s adaptability extends beyond diesel and solar energy, allowing it to utilize other renewable sources such as wind or geothermal energy to heat the storage fluid. This flexibility ensures that ACSZeroMil can leverage available energy resources in diverse environments.


ACSZeroMil’s remarkable scalability ensures seamless adaptation to evolving mission requirements. Its modular design and adaptability allow for incremental expansion or reduction of the system’s capacity, ensuring that energy needs are always met, regardless of mission scale or complexity.

Thermal Energy Storage: A Powerful Tool for Military Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability on the Battlefield.


ACSZeroMil stands as a model of innovation in the field of military infrastructure, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges of energy efficiency in remote and austere environments.

With its unparalleled efficiency, portability and operational simplicity, ACSZeroMil not only revolutionizes base operations, but also underscores the Army’s commitment to sustainability and operational readiness in an ever-evolving landscape.

As defense professionals navigate the intricate balance between logistics, security and effectiveness, ACSZeroMil emerges as a strategic asset poised to transform the future of military energy management.

ACSZeroMil stands as a model of innovation in the field of military infrastructure, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges of energy efficiency in remote and austere environments.

Minimum requirements

Requirement compliance

  • Reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Robustness and high quality of components
  • Resistance to vibrations, shock, water, dust and extreme weather conditions
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Scalable
  • Long useful life
  • Operation in extreme conditions
  • Simple use
  • Speed in commissioning and decommissioning
  • Easy to transport in different media
  • Different types of shielding
  • Moderate price


ACSZeroMIL: Designed for Seamless Integration and Efficient Deployment

ACSZeroMIL is meticulously designed to adhere to standard container dimensions, ensuring seamless compatibility with existing transportation, handling, and logistics systems. The specific dimensions vary depending on the container size:

  • STANDARD DRY 20′ [20′ x 8′ x 8.6′]
  • HIGH CUBE DRY 20′ [20′ x 8′ x 9.6′]
  • STANDARD 40′ [40′ x 8′ x 8.6′]
  • HIGH CUBE DRY 40′ [40′ x 8′ x 9.6′]

Scalability for Enhanced Capacity:

ACSZeroMIL’s scalability allows for flexible capacity adjustments. A single 40-foot high cube container system can generate up to 50,000 liters of hot water per day. Adding a second container effectively doubles the system’s capacity, catering to diverse operational requirements.

Rapid Installation and Deployment:

ACSZeroMIL prioritizes efficiency and expedience, enabling rapid installation and deployment. The installation process can be completed within 45 minutes, ensuring a swift transition from arrival to operational readiness. The operational startup time varies depending on the specific generation system, but can be achieved as quickly as 3 hours. Similarly, the disassembly process takes approximately 45 minutes, including water discharge.

The weight of the ACSZeroMIL system can vary significantly depending on the specific configuration and the inclusion of additional features, such as armor plating. For detailed weight information and to discuss any special requirements or customization options, please contact our dedicated advisory service.

Know more

ACSZeroMIL is designed to offer a modular and adaptable solution, catering to a wide range of operational requirements and energy efficiency needs. The system’s flexibility allows for the integration of various components, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization in diverse scenarios.

In turn, inverse systems can be generated, that is, creating cold instead of heat. And of course, combined hot/cold systems, and multiple energy recovery and global efficiency systems.

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