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Low-carbon transition

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, we deliver solutions that optimize energy usage, minimize carbon emissions, and promote environmental and economic progress.

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Embrace the future of hot water efficiency with our revolutionary technology, where energy savings and sustainability converge.

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Unlock a triple play of financial savings, environmental stewardship, and a more sustainable future for your surroundings with our groundbreaking hot water efficiency technology.

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Harnessing technological prowess and pioneering advancements, we are transforming global hot water efficiency. Our systems dynamically adapt to demand, generate hot water exclusively from renewable sources, and store energy in heat mode, all with unparalleled efficiency powered by control technology.

Our products and services

Hotels & Care Home

Achieve up to 100% hot water production cost reductions with our high-efficiency systems for hotels, spas, residences, and resorts. Our proven technology delivers unparalleled financial savings to our customers.

The ACSZero system empowers hotels and residences to achieve zero energy consumption for hot water. The ideal solution for hotels and residences seeking to reduce their energy consumption and costs.


Industrial processes

Achieve cost savings ranging from 70% to 100% in industrial hot water (up to 90°C). Our solution empowers sustainable and efficient industrial processes across diverse industries with high hot water demands. Fully scalable systems tailored to specific needs.

Revolutionize industrial hot water with the ACSZeroIN system. Reduce energy consumption and costs without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. The future of industrial hot water is here.

E-depot container

Unleash instant hot water wherever you are with our portable system. Delivering a remarkable 50,000 liters per day, it’s ready for off-grid operation – the epitome of versatility. Experience a unique system with a 4 hours startup time.

Achieve up to 100% hot water production cost reductions with our ACSZeroMO high-efficiency systems for hotels, spas, residences, and resorts. Our proven technology delivers unparalleled financial savings to our customers.

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Engineering projects

Experience our comprehensive turnkey service for specialized facilities, customized to your specific needs in the civil and defense sectors. Our high-level outsourcing team is ideal for tackling business and technological challenges.

Our engineering team possesses the expertise and knowledge to design and execute complex and challenging energy efficiency projects. We operate under three guiding principles: experience, specialization, and capability.

Energy cost reduction

Strengthen your finances

Energy cost reduction is crucial for financial well-being.
ACSZero‘s efficient solutions maximize savings and optimize consumption for sustainable profitability.
Use our simulator to discover your potential savings.

Energy consumption

Hot water heating can be a major energy drain for buildings, consuming over 40% of their total energy.

Hot water heating expenses (DHW) in tourist facilities account for around 40% of their energy consumption.

While the hotel industry is making significant efforts to conserve water by implementing various waste control measures, the cost of heating this water has curiously continued to rise despite overall water consumption reductions.

The situation is even more complex in the industrial sector, where the high demand for hot water for industrial use (IHW) in industrial facilities, coupled with the continuous rise in energy costs, either reduces profit margins or, worse, competitiveness compared to companies with lower energy costs.

Today, reducing electricity consumption is possible with photovoltaic or wind technology, but how can we reduce gas or diesel consumption for hot water? This is precisely one of the challenges addressed by ACSZero technology.

Discover how we can drastically reduce your energy costs!

This is how we lower your expenses

The ACSZero system slashes energy consumption to zero, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses.

As illustrated by the graph from a real-world installation, the moment the ACSZero system is activated (April 2023), energy consumption drops dramatically to zero. In this case, we’re examining the actual graphs from a hotel, which transitioned from an average monthly gas expenditure of €23,085.14 for its hot water boilers to paying a gas company maintenance fee of €73.87.

Reducing a company’s monthly expenses by €23,000 translates to an additional €276,000 in positive balance added to the company’s accounts each year.

Military and defense sector

ACSZero energy efficiency products can offer the defense sector a range of tangible benefits, enhancing operational efficiency, safety, resilience, and sustainability.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, adopting energy-efficient products can positively impact the public image of the armed forces, demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

It is crucial to emphasize that the application of energy-efficient technologies in the defense sector must consider the specific needs of the armed forces and operational conditions. Close collaboration among energy-efficient product manufacturers, military experts, and defense authorities is essential to develop adaptable, robust, and reliable solutions.

Our Customers

Q Hotels Cádiz

High-efficiency HVAC, hot water, and spa system Geothermal system with heat recovery for indoor pool, spas, domestic hot water (ACS), and free tempering of outdoor pool.
Up to 75% savings on bills.

Residencia Casaquinta

ACS ZERO hot water system: Achieve up to 98% savings on your bills. An average monthly bill saving of €13,000.

Zero incidents since installation and zero nighttime startups.

Hotel Ciutat de Martorell

High-efficiency air source heat pump + ACS ZERO system: A combined solution for heating, cooling, and hot water, replacing gas boilers and generating an average monthly bill saving of €20,000.

Holyday Inn Leganés

High-efficiency ACSZERO hot water system: Replacing the gas boiler for hot water and achieve up to 100% savings on gas bills, with an average monthly bill saving of €8,000.

Our commitment


Innovation and energy efficiency drive our projects, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing social responsibility.


Innovation is the driving force behind our growth. We build the future through cutting-edge technological solutions.


Reducimos el consumo de energía y las emisiones de CO2, generando un ahorro significativo en las facturas energéticas.

Reduction of emissions

Dedicated to environmental stewardship

Curbing emissions in the tourism and industrial sectors is paramount for Europe’s future.

The European Climate and Energy Framework 2030 sets a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990. To achieve this, governments have developed various support instruments, including:

  • subsidies
  • tax incentives
  • low-interest loans.

Businesses in these sectors must actively reduce their emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

ACSZero technology can slash CO2 emissions associated with hot water processes by up to 100%.

Companies that embrace ACSZero not only reduce their carbon footprint but also enhance their public image and reputation.

Contact us to learn how ACSZero can help you lower your expenses and environmental impact.

How to calculate your CO2 footprint?

Emissions by fuel type:

  • Natural gas: The combustion of 1 m3 of natural gas emits approximately 2.7 kg of CO2.
  • Diesel: The combustion of 1 liter of diesel emits approximately 2.68 kg of CO2.
  • Pellets: The combustion of 1 kg of pellets emits approximately 0.8 kg of CO2.

Energy equivalence:

  • 1 m3 of natural gas is equivalent to approximately 10.2 kWh.
  • 1 liter of diesel is equivalent to approximately 10 kWh.
  • 1 kg of pellets is equivalent to approximately 4.9 kWh.

Average CO2 emission per kWh of electricity in Spain:

  • 0.24 kg of CO2 per kWh.